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Duluth MakerSpace Newsletter:  By Aaron Bosanko!



Online resources for growing curiosity, inspiration & learning.


  • Amazing Gear/mechanics achieving complex mathematics LINK (1953!)
  • Automotive Differentials LINK (1937!)
  • Gears - Normal WIKIP / GENEVA / UNIQUE /



  • To add

Posters we should hang:

Online 3D Printing Resources:

Online CNC Tools:

  • - Very Simple CAM system.  Bare bones option for CNC.
  • - Easy to use CAM system, operates X-carve
  • - Lots of CNC plans ready to go

Online Laser Tools:

  • - Great option for designing jointed cases and boxes.

General Web Tools/Resources:

  • - All sorts of maker makery
  • - Web based image editor
  • - File Type Conversion tool
  • - Extrude an SVG to STL (Take flat vectors and 3d print, etc)
  • - Extract a Sketchup/etc. Model to 2d Vector faces. (extrude a 2D face to work)
  • - Compact a bunch of 2d Vectors for laser cutting, etc.

Handy Common Software/Machine Tricks

Sketchup 2D export for Auto-Laser! 

Change camera view to parallel, and view from top.  Then Export 2D image, DXF!

InkScape v.91+ Single Stroke Fonts! (for laser/CNC)  

Extensions -> Render -> HersheyFont    unlike other fonts, a T will be made with 2 strokes, rather than 4+

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