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For companies or individuals who want assitance in bringing their ideas to life, our community can offer the following services.

3D Model Printing: Email/bring in a model for 3D printing, General Rate: $2-$10 setup depending on complexity of print job + $.15/gram
Laser Engraving: Bring in image art and object to engrave - $10/15min

  One on one consulting/tutoring. Each DMS paid member can offer their skills in different fields for various hourly rates. Tutoring will always be more expensive than an Equivalent class, but you will get dedicated attention with at your own pace progression.

Available Tutoring: (Still a work in progress here, mostly just testing yet)

3D Print/Design: [ Paul@$75/hr ] [ Joe@$25/hr ]
Brewery: [ Jon@$25/hr ]
Electronics/Robotics: [ Joe@$25/hr ] [ Paul@$75/hr ]
Fabrics: [ Alyssa@$25/hr ]
High Tech/CNC: [ Paul@$75/hr ]
Kitchen/Cooking: [ Jon@$25/hr ]
Metal/Welding: [ Paul@$75/hr ]
Programming: [ Jon@$25/hr ]
RC/Flight: [ Joe@$25/hr ]
Member's Note: These rates are set on your edit profile / skills page.

Commission Work:
  Describe your project and our paid members will all have the opportunity to reply with a quote and some general information. Anything from art, electronics, RC, 3D Design, Printing, crafting, etc!

Project Details:

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Educational Parties / Corporate Enrichment / Custom Classes:
  Contact us to discuss possibilites.

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