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  • Michaels
  • Dollar Stores
  • HobbyTown/Carr's Hobby: Local
  • Amazon


  • Sparkfun: Fun to navigate/learn about unique products, little expensive usually.
  • Adafruit: Similar to sparkfun with unique offerings.
  • Tayda: Cheaper yet still easy to navigate
  • DigiKey: Bulk, but must know EXACTLY what you want.
  • All Electronics
  • Maple Grove
  • Ebay - Direct from china for bulk - >1mo but cheap

Acrylic Sheet:

  • Menards: Clear
  • Home Depot: Clear
  • Central Sales: Scraps - Basement Back Corner
  • Inventables: Great selection, Lowest price for small sheets

Carbon Fiber:

  • RC Foam: Cheap Meter-length carbon tubes 3-5 days to door


  • HobbyKing: Great Prices
  • HobbyTown: Local
  • Carr Hobbies: Local


  • Menards/Home Depot: Construction Lumber, nice pine.
  • Galleria: local, Unique hardwoods

Metal Stock:

  • Menards/Home Depot: Small pieces, $
  • Russel Steel: Local, way cheaper

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